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Ultimate X-Men
Okay, the following are spoilers for Ultimate X-Men #47 The Temptest Prt 2. I'd post Prt 1 but I figured by this time you'd already have the issue. Anyways...

It starts off with Jean-Paul about to be impaled by the bullet Sinister shot. However, to his puzzled surprise, the bullet stops inches from him (like in the Matrix [awesome movie by the way]. Jean Grey later shows up and explains to him that she's a mutant from the X-Men and his probing his memory, i.e. having him relive his past in his head so she can see who shot him. She informs Mr. Jean-Paul that he's in a coma at the hospital and because of his quick reflexes, the bullet intended for his heart grazes a lung instead, so he's alive. Unfortunately, Jean tells him that four other mutants have been killed, each by the same weapon that was used against Jean-Paul. After some persuading Jean gets Jean-Paul to willing show her the man who shot him (Sinister [who terrifies him (Jean-Paul) by the way]. JP wakes up to see Peter and Jean Grey at his bed side in the hospital. The two X-Men take off after a humorous remark from JP.

Meanwhile, Logan is investigating the crime scene where one of the four mutants were killed by Sinister. He inspects the place and sniffs the bullet shell and then leaves before the cops he snuck past come back.

At the mansion Scott is training Angel, Bobby, Kitty, and Rogue to the limits, trying to prepare them for when they have to hunt down the killer of the mutants (Sinister). But the four our too occupied to be very effective.

During the training, Xavier is talking to General Fury, trying to get S.H.I.E.L.D. to track down Sinister. However, Fury refuses, saying that it's not in his juristiction, that it's a case for local authorities, and that using resources for such a task would cause complications.

Later, Nightcrawler is consulting a depressed and distraught Storm, trying to aid her and letting her know that her friends are there for her, even though she was ready to fry his butt with a lightning bolt.

Back in the mansion, Xavier holds a meeting with all his students and informs them that no one is to leave the building grounds until Sinister is caught. He doesn't want the X-Men to try and capture him in fear that the tragedy of Hank will be repeated. However, Logan enters the room and informs Xavier that he found nothing. No scent, no tracks, diddely squat. Even the security cameras showed no trace of him, making it seem that Sinister can only be seen by the naked eye. Logan suggests a search to bring him down quicker in order to save lives. Xavier gives in, but only allows the senior students to go and much to his(Drake's) dismay, that does not include Iceman. The teams assigned by Xavier and against Scott's recomendations are Cyke and Colossus, Marvel Girl and Nightcrawler, and Storm and Wolverine. Xavier warns them to be extremely cautious.

The last two pages are my fave. Tis what makes me want issue #48 to get he now. (i need a frickin time machine). In some dark room, Sinister is mumbling (and stuttering) to himself on how he killed four mutants. However, a large but shadowed figure scolds him for not killing Jean-Paul and demanding a total of ten innocent souls (basically, Sins gotta kill ten mutants total) that Sinister promised to the shadowed figure. Sinister replies,
"And you shall have the final six soon, very soon. This I swear,

LORD APOCALYPSE!!!![/spoiler]

And that's the issue. *whew*

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