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eXiles: World Tour
Current Arc: New Universe

What's thats show called? God I love the 80's? Now, I know this might upset some of you but I was still a snot nosed little kid in the 80's and as such, have no knowledge of the New U. I will say however that seeing the Exiles on a world that has absolutely nothing to do with the Marvel U I know and love is a strange, new, and exciting experience. Justice? Starbrand? The Paranormals? Great Googa Mooga! I haven't marked out over characters like this since....ok...since the last issue of Captain Atom...but still.

For those of you who don't know, the Exiles: World Tour is shaping up to be a 1 1/2 year story arc in which everyone's favorite reality jumpers revisit several of Marvel's other universes including the New Universe, home of Justice and Starbrand, the 2099 Universe, which means the original one and not the one from last year's one shots, the universe of Squadron Supreme (Nighthawk, Hyperion, And Power Princess!?), Future Imperfect, and Heroes Reborn (Go-go Mecha Leifeld Wink ).

With two new characters all but confirmed to be joining the group, and with Proteus running about causing mayhem, the World Tour is so far shaping up to be quite the ride.

It's started off with yet another trip to Marvel 616. Except this time the team arrived during the House of M. Currently they're rubbing elbows with Starbrand in the New U, with the last few pages of issue 73 dropping some rather huge hints towards who their next new member will be. Issue 74 will wrap up their trip to the New Universe and should introduce ******** as the new teammate, while the next few issues after that take them to 2099 where reportedly ****** ****** (a fan favorite I might add) will come aboard.

Exiles has, since the beginning been one of my favorite Marvel books and I have to say, if you're not currently reading yourself a favor. Don't wait for the trades to come out....go get the issues now. I'm not knocking trades at all, and will admit that a series like Exiles probably reads better as a trade....but with stories like these you need to have those cliffhanger endings every once in a while, and you need to get on the bandwagon as soon as possible if for no other reason but to avoid hearing about it second hand before your trades arrive.

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