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New X-Men
Ok, I just suffered through the ending of "Here comes tomorrow."

I really don't want to go off on another Grant Morrison rant, but does this guy even have the capability to form a coherent sentence?
Not only was the story so boring it was beyond fathoming. I guess his "New X-Men" is just that. All the X-men he created (minus Wolverine which was thrown in purely for fanboy drool factor) were featured in this story. His version of Beast (which makes me sick to my stomach anymore to even look at.), all of *his* creations. Well sorry Grant! YOU SUCK!
You cannot expect to sell a book with the words "X-men" in it and not see some of the cast everyone grew up on. And this secondary mutantion crap is pure BS. It's Grant Morrison *The Almighty God of HACK WRITERS* twisting and perverting characters to his liking.
I felt sorry for Marc Silvestri for having to do the artwork on this piece of crap story. Marc is a great artist who's work should be complimented by a great story. And this wasn't it.

I'm so glad that Grant Morrison is on his last legs with NXM.
I'd personally like to break both of them.
There is no way to explain the amount of disgust and complete anger I am feeling at this point over this book and the things Grant Morrison has done to it.
Maybe it's not the book, it's the characters. He expects you to give a damn about characters he created simply because *HE, THE ALMIGHTY GOD OF HACK WRITERS* created them.

Ok, I'm getting off the soapbox now before it spontaneously combusts!
I still like secondary mutation so "Nyah"Tongue

As for "Here Comes Tomorrow"....yeah it was crap. No defending that. And you know me.....I HATE Wolverine so that not only didn't help the book....but probably hurt it a bit as far as I'm concerned. If they, they being Marvel, want to continue to let this guy write X titles, they should either let him have the What If title, and play in their, or just create another litte self contained, no hope of a crossover with the 616, out of continutity universe for him to goof off in until the whole thing just collapses under the weight of it's own sloppiness.

In my opinion at least.

(Still like Secondary Mutation though [Insert Bounce Smilie here])
I have to agree with both parties on this one. Truth, I too am a fan of the secondary mutations. It's a way to make old characters seem more unique than they have been in a long time, but Chanty, You are correct when it comes to Morrison's writing. When I first told you and Thor that you should be reading it, It was BECAUSE I thought the whole secondary mutation thing was cool, and at the time, Morrison's writing hadn't gotten so lame, so I apologize for turning you on to a rotten story. Now I guess they are going to combine New X-Men with New Mutants and make it about the "Next Generation of X-Men" and how they develop into the heroes of tomorrow. ( I thought that was what New Mutants was about anyway!)
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
Ahhh, for the good days of Chris Clarmont and crew.....
Have you read some of Claremont's newer stuff? I hate to spoil anything for anyone, but he's recently brought back a much beloved X-Man with seemingly no explination of how or why. He also seems to to have developed some sort of ADHD that causes him to drop the plotline you think he's working on and run off on a tangent. The latest issues of Adjectiveless X-Men have gone something like this....

"Hey look....{SPOILER]'s back! Wow! Now let's all fly off to the Savage land and fight off some aliens!" :?

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