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X-Treme Spoilers
This is the place to post any major spoilers you have for any of the upcoming X-Men titles.

And it doesn't get much bigger in the spoilage line than this.. an entire issue of Ultimate X-Men #46
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WARNING-MR. Sinister rant below.....


My gods in the heavens what have they done to him!! This is outright totally just not right!
Am I mad, HELL YES!! I mean...I know it's the Ultimate Universe...but WTF??? :bashlamer:
Lets do that again... Confusedtonelamer:

I don't think I can bring myself to read it now. I'm sorry. After having seen the picture of him....I can't. I'm going to go cry somewhere now.
SHAME ON WHOEVER DID THIS!!!! You made a very pregnant lady cry!


I have to say... Mr. Sinister's ultimate persona is quite difference than what we're used to. But... then again, we don't know much about him yet except that he looks different.

I'm much more interested in seeing the fight between Colossus and Wolverine play out, though. [rooting for Piotr!]
I'm rooting for Piotr too David! I just love Ultimate X-men!

Hey, are you feeling better? Hope so!
ok ,
Everyone knows that, after some time, they've been reverting back to the old looks of the characters that they've been bringing over . So I highly doubt that anyone has anything to worry about with Sinister. Personally, I think that the change, for right now, is excellent. I don't mind seeing him portrayed as some kind of street thug vigilante for right now.
Also, as much as I like Piotr, go Wolvie!!! Rip that big Red Communist Retard a new one!!

For that comment I believe I've probably just made a few enemies...all I can say is......glad to help fill one of those slots on those hate lists!!! LEt me know if there's anything else I can do for ya, bub!!!

Da Bat
I guess I'm just an old romantic at heart.. but I love the start of this full page spoilerage of Uncanny X-Men #450

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Okay fresh from the spoiler mill... an Excalibur one from #7

[spoiler]the big new villain of the piece is none other than.. <drum roll>Doc McCoy. Yes Dark Beast is back (and not looking like a cat YAY!!!) now I hope they figure a way of killing him and giving the real hank his own body again Wink[/spoiler]
I was wondering exactly what had happened to him!

Now I MAY have to try to find that! Considering I love all the AOA villians and all that.
That is, unless someone wants to fill me in???

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