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Justice League-StarCrossed
Ok, we just finished watching the Justice League Starcrossed movie on Cartoon Network. This is the ramp up for the Justice League Unlimited series coming on in August.


Ok, did I say that loud enough?


if you get a chance to catch this in it!!!

Batman kicked such major Smile

I'll leave it at that.
I'll second that motion. This episode (3 episodes actually) was purely great! It was chock full of wonderfulness the likes of which I couldn't post here without ruining it for everyone. I won't even post spoilers. I will just tell you to go out and see it yourself. You won't be sorry.

There was at least 3 different story points that seemed to come right out of the recent comic book stories. It wasn't an exact translation by any means, but there were definate parallels, which made it that much better for the fans.

And the preview for Justice League Unlimited that came at the end of the episode was pretty sweet too. Can you say Green Arow??? I knew you could!
I was impressed that at a few points in the story the Justice League actually cut loose and kicked ass. It was almost like the writers remembered, "Hey, wait a minute, this is the Justice League!" It's one of my biggest complaints with the series (and actually with the Superman series before it) that the good guys get their butts handed to them waaay too often. Excellent episode.

I think alot of that may have been because of the size of their opposition in this episode. They were able to cut loose and tear through the opposition because, even if they took out 3 dozen Thanagarians, there were hundreds more still coming. In most episodes they are fighting, at most, a small handful of villains at a time, and if they just went all out, the episodes would be over in ten minutes.

Apparently, you can really deal out the pain when you are fighting off an intergalactic invasion force.
Paul Dini gave an interview shortly after the Superman animated series was ended. He mentioned that he didn't really care for the Man of Steel and was responsible for most of the episodes where he got beat on a lot. Whenever I see a hero get the snot beat out of him/her on a WB superhero cartoon since then I can't get the idea out of my head that somebody up there doesn't like him/her.

Glenn Walker

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