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Scott and Emma
Ok, this has been bugging me for some time now and I'm just now getting around to posting it.
Does this whole Scott/Emma thing bother anyone else? Seriously I would have been fine with it, really....but standing over the grave of his dead wife kissing another woman....that's not Boyscout Scott. That's honestly some of the most twisted *%& I've ever seen. Not to mention the woman his wife caught him cheating on her with.
If Jeannie is in that grave, she's spinning right now. And when she comes back (she is the Phoenix after all) I so wanna see her just bitchslap the both of them.
They say Hell Hath no fury like a woman scorned, well, when that woman is the living embodiment of the're screwed pal!
I can't stand to read the book. It makes me physically ill.

Beast summed it up for me-"I just don't like you very much right now."
It does make me ill. You are not alone. However, I have good feelings about the return of Jean Grey. You don't get called Phoenix for nothing. If you really want to be mad about something, you should check out the new Excalibur comic. It's pretty bad when you have to create a comic specifically to mop up Grant Morrison's drug induced drivel from the floor. The first issue showed promise. I enjoyed it, and made the decision to buy at least the next couple of issues to "give it a chance." Issue 2 just came out, and I just read it the other night. I must say that I am reconsidering trying it. If any of you know what I'm talking about, then you probably are at the same crossroads I am at, and all I have to say to you are two names: Magneto, Callisto. Nuff' said.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
You guys do know that Jean pushed Scott into the arms of Emma right? That's what the whole Here Comes Tommorow arc was about basically.
I read Here Comes Tomorrow, and as hard as it was to make any sense out of it, I definately did not get that Jean pushed Scott and Emma together.

The only thing I did get from that story-arc was that Scott and Emma couldn't walk away from Xavier's dream, or it would lead the team (and the world) to ruin. Just because the future of mutant/human kind relied on them continuing to fight for what they believe, it did not mean Scott had to be an uncaring @$$ who couldn't take ten minutes to grieve the loss of his wife before making out with Emma.

Grant Morrison did little to further the greatness of the X-Men as far as I am concerned. Most of his stories revolved around his own little sub-universe that he created, using his new crappy characters and perverting classic ones to his own designs. He took Scott Summers, a one time great character, and turned him into a despicable cretin. I refuse to buy Astonishing X-Men because I want nothing to do with that character any longer. He's been ruined for me. It makes me sick.
IMO, he handled Scott quite well and he finally injected some change into the X-Men line again.
Change is not necessarily always a GOOD Thing.

Changing Magento into a drug addict, not a good call, changing Beast into a Disney reject, not a good call.

Again, I could rant for hours about the pure trite BS that Grant Morrison has put the X-men through but I won't.

The point of the thread is the whole Scott and Emma thing.
And from a personal standpoint. For someone who was passionately in love with his wife for HOW many years?!?!??! the moment she's in the ground he's making out on her GRAVE. Ok, not in her bed (which would be just as bad) but on her GRAVE. It's basically taking a huge piss on the entire Scott/Jean love story that's been a Marvel Staple for over a decade.
That's my whole problem with the thing. I've always liked Scott, I've always liked Emma.... but writing them both as the "White Queen" is a bit of a stretch. For years we've seen Scott billed as the Boyscout do-gooder. Sure, people change, but I'm sorry, I cannot believe a change LIKE THAT.
Again, as I said, I personally found the whole thing rude, disrespectful and degrading of Jean more than anything.
I love it. I love it I love it I love it I love it!!!

I honestly do. I mean, I truely cannot think of a better X couple at this moment. I seriously can't. I know many traditionalist will say that it's a slap in the fact to the whole Scott/Jean endless love thing that's been a staple of the books for so many years....and to that I say GOOD!! I don't like Scott and Jean together. Never have. Probably never will. As far as I'm concerned Scott should have left her years ago, and In his own way, perhaps he did.

It honestly came to the point where I felt the characters were just going through the motions as it were. Staying together just for the sake of staying together. Because that's what people expected of them and they had to be leaders and role models. Like a loveless marriage that carries on for years and years just for the sake of the kids. Over the years I've seen Scott put so much into the relationship and sacrifice so much that it makes me wonder why he's never killed Wolverine outright or brought the hammer down and told Jeanie that if she so much as eyeballed ol' dog face again that he'd be done with her forever. It's like for years and years he's been her, being Jean's, little lapdog and now that he's finally free of the leash he's reveling in it.

And I know people will say, "Put people don't just change like that. You don't go from loving someone to not loving them overnight." And that is true. But in my opinion, as I've already stated, I think his love for her had been dying for a long long time. Since long before Emma even came onto the scence. I think deep down, way down where it really counts, that Scott, who has always been a staunch supporter of Xavier's dreams, has felt that the prof's methods were completely wrong. I think he was simply sacrificing his own will for the cause of a greater good. But now that several of the anchors that were previously there have been removed he's finally free to try to do things differently.

Was kissing Emma on Jean's grave wrong of him? Perhaps. Personally I loved the image, and I think it well symbolizes the image and Ideals of this new direction of X-Men.

You can't let your Morals stand in the way of your Morality, and sometimes to get the job done.....hard choices need to me made, and harder actions undertaken.
Truth said it better than I ever could. IMO Jean and Scott grew apart, and it wasn't just Apocalypse messin' with him.
And let's face it this isn't the first time Scott has believed Jean dead and fallen for another within a few weeks (what was that fishing boat Captain's name?)
Local Hero Wrote:And let's face it this isn't the first time Scott has believed Jean dead and fallen for another within a few weeks (what was that fishing boat Captain's name?)
Lee Forrester.

Scott is the player of the X-Men universe (besides Wolverine). Which reminds me of this excellent column by Jim Lemoine over at ComiXfan:
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I think if the whole thing had been handled by a more accomplished writer of characters it may not have come across as so heartless. We do tend to forget though that in an all action world such as those inhabited by the X-Men all events and interactions tend to be condensed timewise due to the nature of their existence, where they don't know if when they wake up that this is gonna be their last day on earth. In these situations, you might make choices which would normally be totally out of character.
The whole Scott/Emma thing is part of what scared me away from X-men entirely. I may not have followed the Scott/Jean romance religiously, but breaking it up convinced me that the whole writing staff had gone temporarily insane. I planned to return after they set the whole thing to rights with Emma dead or gone and Scott n' Jean back together. They still haven't fixed anything. I still haven't returned. :x

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