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Pain of the Gods
Ok, who's reading this?

I'm happy now. Seriously...I've always been the person who wants to see the "Human" side of our superheroes. Even those non human ones.
The first issue was great....but I have to say the issue with Flash was even better.

So come on, spill it!
And what struck me as amazing was that the story is written by Chuck Austen, and that I enjoyed it that much. I have zero complaints about the storyline so far. I think what I enjoyed most was the scene at the end of Chapter 2 where we revisit Superman as he checks in on the would be super heroes little boy. This little scene helps to tie the issues together into what I hope will be a nice and cohesive larger story.

What do the rest of you think? I am especially curious to hear Glenn's comments, knowing his less than friendly feelings towards Mr. Austen.
I also have found them to be great stories, but other than to show the more "human" side of the JLA, is there something to tie it all together, or is this just a storyline with the only purpose being characterization? I really don't see there being a person or anything behind these seemingly random things, so I hope it's just characterization. Either that or they had BETTER wow me. I don't want another let down like the 10th circle.
That was just a storyline to sell the new Doom Patrol series.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
Ok, just read the Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter issues.
I was a little let down by those honestly. I guess because the Superman and Flash issues were just "WOW"...although, I think I enjoyed the Manhunter issue more than the GL one.

I'll have to say that this better not come off as some hokey would be villian messing with the JLA's lives, because it loses it's grip then. It doesn't stand as a solid character built story.
I finally finished reading this arc, and I must say that I was pretty happy with the story as a whole. The culmination of the story was good, with each of the Justice League utilizing the lessons learned in the other issues to best resolve the dilemna in the final chapter. I can't say it was the best stroy ever written, but I enjoyed it well enough. If for nothing more than Ron Garney's artwork, I found it a worthwhile read.

Now I just have to be patient until Kurt Busiek's Crime Syndicate storyline begins. I can always count on good ol' Mr. Busiek for a good showing each time he writes us up a new offering.

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