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Jumping Ship...
Yes, it's official. Thor and I have jumped ship on almost all the X books we were getting except Ultimate X-men, which is constantly a SOLID GOOD read, X-men The End, and the new Gambit series.

I'm too weary of bad storywriting, bad artwork, and bad Disneyesque characters. Besides, how many books can Wolverine be in???????

So, now I'm just looking for a few good books.
Well I guess I will have to see what comes out on trades next time around to decide what i am still picking up..

probably stick with exiles as long as it is going, and ultimate x-men. I will probably move to astonishing from new x-men (academy x just doesn't do it for me from the little i've seen) other than that i suppose weapon x (or Wolverine 2 as it should be known)
I do strongly recommend Astonishing X-Men. It's a good read, and with the great writing by Joss Whedon, you can nearly completely forget the hack writing of Grant Morrison
The only thing that intrigues me about Astonishing X-Men is the artist, John Cassiday. But that is not enough to make me pick up the book.

Scott Summers has turned into a character that I do not like to read anymore. I know we've discussed this before, but he no longer resembles the character that I grew up reading and respecting. White Queen at one time (Generation X and Hellfire Club days) held an interest for me, but ever since achieving full membership on the team, and head mistress status over the school, she seems to only be around to annoy me. I've always loved Shadowcat, and I have no idea how she is being portrayed in Astonishing, but she alone is not going to make me pick up the book. Beast is my favorite X-Man of all time, but ever since Grant Morrison got his hands on him, I can't even look at the guy anymore. Even if Cassiday manages to draw him better than any other artsit I have seen since the mutation. And lastly, as much as I dig Wolverine, I don't have to read Astonishing to get my Logan fix. I can simply pick up any other book that Marvel publishes, because I know the Canucklehead will show up eventually.

So, while I respect Joss Whedon and his writing, I don't think we'll be picking up Astonishing. If Joss moved to any other book, I would probably give it a shot. But this is the one Marvel book I have the least amount of curiosity about. For the best X-Men stories around, and this surprises even me that I am saying this, I will stick with Ultimate X-Men.
Well, I know we are replacing 1 of the X-books we had been getting with the new Marvel Team Up.
Honestly, I think Thor pretty much summed up my feelings on it as well. Last year, when I fell and broke my foot, I spent 6 weeks reading his stockpile of X-books from the 80s-90s. And after reading all that greatness, the books of late LACK majorly. I miss the sagas...The AOA, Onslaught, The Dark Phoenix saga. Hell, even The Twelve was solid for what it was. You just don't see writing like that anymore.
I read the entire X-Calibur run of the 90s last year and was like "woah.." when it was over. (Loved Dark Night of the Bamf, great story). Even weak characters like Douglok got my attention...because the writing was there to back it up. Can't say that about Beak or Sammy the fish boy.
Although other than X-calibur and the later end of X-Factor (the great story with Doc Samson towards the end of the run!), my favorite was probably Gen X. So much so that I made a point of hunting down the few back issues that J didn't have.
I think my whole arguement with the X-Books now adays is the same arguement Glenn has with the Chuck Austen run of the Avengers.
You can't change characters over night and expect people to still be able to relate with them. Especially when you grew up reading the books, and the characters just suddenly...Evolve, overnight. takes a good storywriter to pull that off...and it's not happening with the X-books lately.
Personally I think Astonishing X-Men is all it's chalked up to be. Joss Whedon is doing a great job of giving these characters "real life" personalities and his storyline so far has been riveting. Plus, he has recently included an old favorite into the story[spoiler]COLOSSUS!!!!!!!!!!!!![/spoiler]
I know what Chanty and TMT are probably thinking. I was the one that recommended NEW X-MEN to them when Grant (drug head) Morrison took over, but THIS TIME IT'S DIFFERENT, I SWEAR!!!! I am with you on one thing, though. I don't like the character of Cyclops anymore, and White Queen just rubs me the wrong way(omit joke). However, Whedon is adressing this fact by having ALL of the other characters tell the two of them exactly how they feel about it. It's a very sore subject in the X-Mansion. I have another theory as well. It was MORRISON who set Cyclops and White Queen on the path that they are on, and Whedon can't just dissolve that overnight and maintain proper storytelling. Marvel as a whole is taking positive steps to sweep Morrison's writing under the rug, and Whedon is doing just that while at the same time cranking out compelling storylines with nail-biting cliffhangers that I personally can't wait a whole month to find out what happens. This book comes with one of MY PERSONAL highest recommendations. You're decisions are ultimately your own, but I suggest at least giving it a try. I can almost guarantee there will be something that will appeal to you.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
Ok, you have me officially intrigued now. You have to tell me more about the return of that old favorite character. But please, for those that don't want to read about it, use the spoiler tags.
Brief plot synopsis for issue #3-4 of Astonishing X-Men:

[spoiler]Basically, in the first few issues, this biologist holds a press conference to state that they have discovered a cure for mutations. Naturally, the mutant population is in an uproar. Beast goes to check it out because he knows the senior biologist that was working on it. He SAID that he was interested in possibly curing himself of the "Grant Morrison Disney disease." He takes it back to his own lab to check the results to see if they are correct or just bogus, but while examining the so called "cure" he discovers that they've been using a former ally to test their results on. Cycops says "Jean?" at the end of issue 3 that leads you to believe that the ally is Jean Grey. In the next issue, they go to the lab to liberate their former ally. Shadowcat phases deep deep down into a sub-basement where the testing was taking place only to encounter some armed guards. She phased again and their blasts went through her only to hit a large and seemingly menacing person behind her. The person stepped out of the shadows and it was COLOSSUS!!!!!! He took the guards out and then collapsed at shadowcat's feet crying saying "Finally...God...Am I--God, Please...Am I finally Dead?" and that's how issue four ended. Number five comes out Wednesday, and I'll post more as to what is going on if you want me to.[/spoiler]

On a seperate note, I picked up Madrox #1 and it was both entertaining as well as extremely intriguing.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
I absolutely do want more details, because apparently they haven't revealed the explantion for this character's sudden and, in my opinion tragic, reappearance.

[spoiler]Colossus died for a reason, and bringing him back is a slap in the face to one of comic's greatest self sacrifices. So all I can say is, Joss Whedon better have a great story behind all this. Because if he is simply bringing Piotr back because he is a fan favorite, Astonishing X-Men is looking less and less appealing to me.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Oh no they did not! Tell me they didn't ruin the most moving moment in X-men history EVER? Tell me that someone didn't just piss all over the greatest death in X History?
As much as I love Piotr, and I do...anyone who knows me, knows I always include characters I love in my stories...I cannot absolutely...CANNOT believe they would pull a stunt like this. I miss him greatly in the books, but I know his death happened for a greater good.
If I remember correctly, an issue of Wizard earlier this year listed the Death of Colossus as the #2 moment in X-History, right behind the Dark Phoenix Saga.
Again...this just goes to prove my point even further about the writing on the X-books now adays.

It's as bad as changing Vader's Ghost at the end of Jedi to Hayden Christensen...and I'm still ranting over that and will until my dying breath.
[spoiler]To say they "they" ruined it is a bit harsh. Piotr's ressurection itself doesn't "ruin" his death, but rather, how his ressurection is handled will determine whether it was a good thing or bad thing. Now I know some will say that bringing any character back from the dead is just stupid...but I think it can be quite the positive if handled properly.

Plus...given who the writer is we can't even be certain he did bring the big Russian back until we read the next issue. For all we know this could be the Piotr from Exile's Weapon X. A "replacement" if you will. Peter's still dead as a door nail, but now all the X-Men might have to deal with a stranger wearing a friend's face.

Granted, there is a 99% chance this isn't the case, but as long as the possibility remains I'm willing to provide the benefit of the doubt. Now I know Chanty's not a Buffy fan, but Joss has ressurescted a few characters before...and each time he's handled it brillantly in my opinion. It's never an overnight thing with him where the character is suddenly back and in the swing of things. In one way or another there is always a believeably period of time where adjustments have to be made and certain obstacles overcome.

Hell...for all we know this could not be Pete at all but instead a clone. Or better yet....a robot. Because quite frankly I still think that mutant signature "002" couldn't be anyone other than Jean as she and Scott were Xavier's first two students (if memory serves me correctly, Jean was actually the first...) But like I said...I wouldn't judge the book badly just based on a certain characters appearance given the fact that it might not be that character at all. Hell...everything that Kitty experienced could have been the creation of a newly alive again and very pissed off Pheonix.

And to think I originally thought this thread was about Chamber leaving the X-Men for Weapon X. Silly me.[/spoiler]

Big Grin
You're right, I'm not a Buffy fan, never have been....never will be. However, I did enjoy Firefly, what I got to see of it.

Not that it has much to do with the topic. But just because I can't enjoy one series the guy does doesn't mean I'm ready to condemn him off the bat.
I HATED Babylon 5 but I love J Michael Straczynski's run on Amazing Spider-Man. I'm a pretty open minded person but like I said earlier, I got spoiled last year reading all those great X-stories of the late 80s early 90s and I'm sorry, but the writing doesn't compare with what's being published today.
And it's my opinion, and I've got one just like everyone else does...and I'm sure, there's someone out there somewhere who really enjoyed Grant Morrison's hatchet job on New X-men and thought it was the be all, end all.
With that being said, as far as to looking to new books, I'm probably going to be picking up a couple of Brian Pulido's books over at Avatar to compensate for my dwindling stack of comics.
Thank you for seein my side of the story, Truth. I do believe Joss will handle this with the utmost of care. If he doesn't, I'll be one of the first people in line with my lit torch and pitchfork. I have faith in Joss, however, and believe that this will be handled with kid gloves. The comic community loves this guy overall, and I don't think Whedon is going to screw this gig (or future ones) up for himself.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
Well if you'd like to get back to the original topic, Exiles is a consitently good read, as was Weapon X. (Which I've noticed is the only book to be actually killed by a Wolverine apperance. The shmuck....) Personally I don't read any of the other X Titles, though the last two issues of "Whatever prefix you wish to use here this week" X-Men look interesting, what with Havok, Polaris, Xorn and all. I picked up an issue a few weeks ago and thumbed through it, grinning a bit at the interaction between Iceman and Jugs, but didn't actually make a purchase.

Academy X looks like it has potential, and we all know how I love mindless violence perpetrated by over powered teens....but alas. I'm not sure I can fill the hole left by Gen13 with a GenX knock-off.

Jubilee's solo title..................





Ok! Next topic!

~mini spoilers below as I haven't finished reading Issue 5 yet~

[spoiler]Kitty stole my line!! She totally did!! Remember a few posts ago when I was talking about the possibilities behind Piotr's return? Well here's what she had to say...the wench...

"I'm Sorry. You have to know that if you're a clone or a robot or, yeah, a ghost or an alternate universe thingie I can deal...."

Aren't those pretty much the exact options I had laid out!? Damn you Joss and your secret precog telepaths!!!

I read something recently (yeah, again, I'm behind) that stuck with me after your damning of Whedon, Truth.

That it was Joss Whedon that wrote the most horrible line in comic book movie history ever.

"Do you know what happens to a toad when it gets struck by lightening."

Ok, for that reason alone....the man has to die a slow and painful death.

and as far as the comic reccomendations go... Sorry Rob, but YOU roped me into NEW X-Men... and from now's one of those things you'll have to live down! LOL!
I'll ONCE AGAIN apologize for my New X-Men referral, but I would like to defend myself in regards to said referral. When I recommended New X-Men to you, It had JUST STARTED. I hadn't seen the full scope of exactly how much of a crackpot Morrison is, and didn't realize where he was going to be headed in the long-run. I'm sorry for his bad writing, but the idea of "secondary mutations" to me seemed kind of cool at the time. Now, I realize it was just a cheap plaht (yes, I know spelling is wrong...See Captain Marvel for Joke) device and showed complete lack of creativity by the drug addict. It is unfair to ostracize my oppinions just because of one bad judgement call. I'm just as perfect as anybody else in this world, and I'm sure you've tried reading some pretty BAD comics over the years as well. As I said before, YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ ASTONISHING X-MEN, but do us all a favor and don't formulate an oppinion on something unless you have the firsthand knowledge to back it up. I will continue reading this book as of right now. If it turns south, then I'll drop it. It's that simple. Not everybody will like every book. That's why there is such a wide variety out there.

P.S. I wouldn't necessarily KILL Joss Whedon for that line of text in the X-Men movie, but I think he definitely needs to be slapped around a little. Sorry, Joss.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
You don’t need to defend yourself, because I don’t think you were being attacked. You are right, we’ve all made bad comic book choices in our days in fandom, and Chanty was just jokingly reminding you of one of yours...again. You know how she likes to rub it in. Big Grin

And you certainly weren’t being ostracized. Lots of people bought into Morrison’s New X-Men, and lots of people got burned for their troubles. No big deal. Also, I don’t think anyone has formulated any uninformed opinions. All Chanty and I have really said about Astonishing is that we don’t care for the way that most of the featured characters have been portrayed recently, we don’t really care for the X-Universe as a whole right now and that we have serious reservations about the resurrection of a much loved supporting character.

So please, stay off the defensive and lay off the attitude. No one is criticizing you for liking Astonishing X-Men. Read what you like, and recommend what you like. This thread was started because we were looking to get opinions on what else was out there. But remember, the money we spend on comics is a small fraction compared to what you spend, so we have to be a bit more picky about what we buy. Because as you pointed out in another of your posts, we have much more important things to worry about. Namely a daughter that will be here before we know it. But I can’t worry about her too much. I have very little say so in her well being at this point. Instead I have to worry about Chanty, because if you stop to think about it for a second, she is the linchpin of this whole operation. So respect her authoritay!

Ok then, where did that topic go to? Oh yes...recommendations of good books for wayward readers. If anybody else has any favorite books that they’d like to recommend, please do so. If not, I’ll be closing this thread, since it has only barely stayed on topic for much of time.
As of the first issue, Madrox looks to have promise. It is humorous as well as thought provoking and features the return of some of the X-men's best supporting characters. You USUALLY can't go wrong with Peter David either. Will let you know how future issues seem. Also, Nightcrawler and Rouge's solo comis aren't bad. Not the GREATEST things I've ever read, but good nonetheless. HUGE FAN OF IDENTITY CRISIS!!!!!!!!!
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH
Identity Crisis is one of those books that I am really sorry I didn't grab from the beginning, but the Trade Paperback will surely be on my Christmas list.

As for Madrox, you are right. You rarely go wrong by reading something of Peter David's. Only briefly during his Captain Marvel run did I think otherwise, but other than that, the guy is golden.
Only X-Men book I pick up right now is Ultimate X-Men, which, as Chanty stated, is awesome. Really like the Sinister arc [spoiler]Especially Apocolypse's appearance on the last page of the last comic of the last arc.[/spoiler].
Really like the series.
Just recently started collecting Ultimate X-men as of the blockbuster storyline. That particular story I ultimately (no pun intended) didn't care for, but every story since has been incredible. The most recent Fenris storyline is lacking in something as of right now, but I'm sure it will pick up soon. Highly recommended book for all that don't already read it.
When life hands you lemons, you gotta squirt lemon juice and life's eye and make it your B!TCH

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