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Astonishing X-Men
Ok folks, I am not reading this book, but I know plenty of you are, as evidenced by the multiple referances to it in other threads. But I noticed that it did not yet have a thread of its own, so here you go.

Although I do have alterior motives in starting this thread. I want to know more details about the return of Colossus. I am not using spoiler tags here because the big guy's return has been front page comic news for the past couple months now, so I think the surprise is pretty well out of the bag. But if you would like to respond with details for me, please use the spoiler tags, as I don't want the nitty gritty spoiled for anyone who might not want to read it.
You are seriously missing out on this one big guy. Astonishing has been one big ride, and its short from perfect. I think the best thing short from buying the issues is to read the summaries over at for the straight facts.

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As for the Colossus thing:

[spoiler]It turns out he was being used as a test subject for this anti-mutant virus. But he was being held in a deep undeground subbasement at the lab. Hopefully in the next arc we will learn more about it.[/spoiler]

The book just finished it's first story arc and surfer and I have an idea where the next arc might be going and we think it might right a few wrongs that have been commited.

[spoiler]The way the last issue ended severely hinted at the idea that the White Queen is mind controlling and manipulating the X-men and everything else around her.[/spoiler]
I'm seriously hoping that this isn't going to happen, nor do I think Whedon would go for such a lame copout. Even if he does though, it'll probably be brilliant, since its Whedon afterall.
I don't think it sounds like a lame concept myself, but then again I am firmly in the anti-Scott-Emma camp. But that is a thread all its own.

The concept does however sound like a bit of revisionist history, which I am fine with, considering that I am also in the anti-Everything-Grant-Morrison-ever-concocted camp as well. And by the way, there is a thread all about that too.

So basically I am saying that if the current woes of the world's favorite mutant team is due to some elaborate Mind Control, I think I would be interested in reading that story. Because there is another camp that I belong to as well. The Villains-should-remain-Villains camp! Which means that White Queen and Juggernaut really should take off the X uniforms already and start wreaking havok the way their creators intended them to!
I totally agree. I am interested in seeing where this is going and I will keep you posted.
Nah, the White Queen has been one of the good guys for over a decade now. Keep her that way.
Never trust Joss Whedon....... :roll:

First he lead everyone to believe that he was going to ressurect Jean, and now you think[spoiler]He's about to reveal that Emma's been manipulating everyone?[/spoiler]

I doubt it. Now don't get me wrong, as the last few pages do imply that something is indeed starting and that The Queen is involved, but I doubt it will be what everyone expects.

On a more personal note however....I find one of the things I'm truely loving about this series so far is.....Nick Fury. I'm not sure what it is about the way he's being written...but I love it.
Nick Fury is in the book?! Why didn't anyone mention that up until now? I have been really close to picking this title up for a while now, considering all the glowing reviews, but I just haven't been able to pull the trigger on it. And now I find out my favorite foul mouthed spy is in Astonishing X-Men? On a regular basis?

That little tidbit might be enough to get me to read this title once and for all.
He appears in #3 and #5 I think. Maybe #2.
As for Nick Fury:

[spoiler]He heads up the S.H.I.E.L.D part of the investigation and stemming from that is a branch of government that deals with intergalactic travelers called S.W.O.R.D.[/spoiler]
Ok, with the first stroyarc down and the second nw underway I feel the need to strongly urge anyone who has yet, at the very least, picked up one issue to do so now. "Dangerous" the second storyarc from Whedon and Cassaday is already off to a good start which has left me wondering, "What is he possibly going to do next?" The ressurection in the first arc taught me that Joss on X-Men isn't the same as him on Buffy, and his characterization of everyone from Wolverine, to Johnny Storm has shown me that he truely cares about these characters.

This new arc "Dangerous" starts off with a bang. Now I don't want to give to much away but let's just say that the mansion suddenly comes under assault on two fronts, and while both are things they've dealt with in the past, this time they're...different.

It's no secret that Astonishing X-Men is one of the most critically praised comics by both fans and industry insiders, and if Whedon and Cassaday handle these next few issues as well as they handled the first 6, there's no doubt in my mind that they will cement themselves as one of the best X Creative Teams in the past decade.
Ok ok! I finally...FINALLY read the TPB of the first six issues.

It was good. Definately better than Grant Morrison. But I'm reserving further judgement until I have other issues in my hands.
But from what I seen, yeah, I liked it.

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