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Phoenix: Endsong
I love Greg Land! Have I told you that lately? Seriously, I LOVE GREG LAND.

Ok, that's out of the way. With the first 3 issues of Phoenix Endsong already laying in my stack of comics to file away, I felt compelled to write something on here about it.

LOVE the artwork, can't get enough of that...and the

I'm hooked. Really, it's such a different thing. Nothing major, just hearing the Phoenix in it's own words, rather than in someone else's.

More issues on the way, I'll write more when I know more. Your thoughts?
Well, at this point in time I have finished Phoenix Endsong and I have to say....superb.

Indeed, Land's artwork is a cut above the rest, but like Ross I fear that trying to get that level of quality in a monthly ongoing is asking the impossible. The story itself was wonderful, though I have heard talk of Angel looking like a tool in one panel, and from start to finish it's a compelling read. If you haven't read this mini, shame on you. Jean isn't the only character we see brought back from the dead, and the last few panels of the last issue have left a great many people on the edge of their seats, waiting for the other shoe to fall and the repercussions of the mini to echo throughout the other X-Books.

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