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Magna style X-Men?
Has anyone heard that there is plans for Mavel going back to the 80's-90's team of X-men and makeing new story arcs done in Magna style?
Well I haven't been doing as much browsing for news of late so this may have slipped past me but there is already the Marvel Mangaverse which has X-Men in it (some of which I quite enjoyed) and from the looks of the current line ups (bar x-men academy) the teams are very reminiscent of the lineups from back then. where did you see this Xorn?
It was just talk at the local comic shop. But the owner said he hasn't heard anything about it. It'd be great to be able to go back to the eighties again and see what really wolvie can do to a person. I mean don't get me wrong, I'm not a gore fan, but with this "Comic book code of Ethics" is crap. I miss the days of the Meltdown *the book of wolverine and Havok* and Wolvie going spastic on everyone. Just seems to me comics have gottem lame in some ways. Thought, the moral and emotional abuse the teams of X have been takeing lately still makes it a great read.
I would have liked it if they explored the Mangaverse X-men a little more...Rogue as Phoenix? C'mon! There's so many possibilities... :wink:
If you liked the Manga stuff, you should check out X-Men: Fairy Tales. Issue number 2 just came out a couple of weeks back. It is a series based on existing fairy tales from around the world, with X-Men character's personas given to the fairy tale creatures. Issue #1 was centered around a Japanese tale and issue #2 was centereed on an African one.

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