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I knew it was only a matter of time...
What is it with Gambit? The guy can't catch a break anywhere. Yes, I still have the final issue of his newest short lived series laying on my table to read, but my question is this...

Why does Marvel ok these books when they know they are only going to last 12 issues or so? Not that I'm complaining, hell no. I'll take as much of Remy as I can get. But I think they do it just to tease the crap out of us with the idea that we are going to get a series knowing full well it won't sell like they think it should.

*sigh* so Gambit goes back into the freeze again...
So not only do they cancel his own book, but they have the audacity to*kill* him off in the Ultimate X-men annual?

Actually, I rather enjoyed the Ultimate X-Men Annual. I thought Gambit's death was an unexpected twist yet also well written. No offense or anything, but I hope in the Ultimate Universe, dead equals dead. We get enough resurrections in 616 as it is.
Yeah, my big problem they are killing off character I actually like!

First Beast, now Gambit. While I do enjoy the fact that 'no one is sacred' in the Ultimate Universe. Go pick on Psylocke or something!
They already killed her once. You want them to kill her again!? That's just....mean. Sabretooth, the Hellfire Club, Beast.....all characters I loved....dead. And so realitively early in the series too. But at least I get the re-emergence of Mystique to help ease the pain. Smile

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