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Fall out from the House of M
So the House of M is done and over, and I'm not picking up any of the follow up books.

Son of M looks promising. But then again I've always had a thing for Pietro.

Anyone care to delve into what's happening in the fallout of the House of M?
Wolverine remembers everything. Period. Seriously, everything. His entire life is an open book now.

Spider-Man was left with memories of his House of M life with wife Gwen Stacy and a child. It has put a strain on his real relationship with Mary Jane.

The Scarlet Witch pretty much depowered every mutant on Earth. And the Sentinels are everywhere keeping watch.

Oh, and the energy that was making the mutants super-powered, is now in orbit over Earth... soon to be something called 'The Collective,' Bendis' next big all-show-no-go villain in New Avengers.

Those are the prime points. There are many more but all in all I thought House of M was crap, so I'm not willing to re-read it.

Glenn Walker
I wasn't really that thrilled with House of M myself as a whole.

While I did enjoy a few of the offshoot books, I found the whole plot a bit contrived.

Come on guys, give Wanda a friggin break already.
I haven't read House of M #8 yet, but I gotta say that I have enjoyed the series on the surface thus far. The artwork was amazing and I thought the writing was pretty good as well. Olivier Coipel has been one of my favorite artists since his debut on Avengers some time ago.

However,if you look beyond the popcorn fun of the series, it boils down to nothing more than yet another alternate reality storyline. And yes, I am a huge fan of alternate realities, but for me it is nothing more than lighthearted entertainment. I'm sure there will be some long term ramifications, such as...

[spoiler]Quicksilver turning to evil once more???[/spoiler]

...but at the end of the day it doesn't hold much weight for me. Which isn't to say that I didn't enjoy it, because as I said I did. I just wish that it had offered up something more interesting than it did.
While I didn't read any of the House of M titles that weren't part of my regular series, I can definately see the fallout. Kinda

M Day would have been something if it had more of an effect on the Universe as a whole. As it stands, almost no title characters lost thier powers. And those that did, either got them back somehow, or got new ones. Magneto? Depowered and repowered. Iceman? "Depowered" and "repowered". Quicksilver? Depowered and then given new ones. Sure, some of the kids in New X-Men got hit and are from the school now, but it really doesn't feel like anything's changed. The atmosphere of the X-Titles might have been tweaked a little, but this was a chance to really shake things up. To depower some headliners and force the X-Titles to either make up new mutants or to pull old ones out of limbo to give them their time to shine.

Like Dazzler. Dazzler seems to be the one gaining the most from the fallout. A star character in the new Excalibur series by Clarmont, she seems to be undergoing a resurgence. All of her old fans are coming back, and guys who never paid her any attention before are starting to see her in a new light. Personally however, I still would have liked to have seen a Cyclops or Wolverine or Storm or Havok depowered. But maybe that's just me.

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